Plan a Slow Adventure on Skye

Skye is a great location for planning a holiday if you want to mix and match based on a few themes…. but make it a mix and match that creates “slow adventure” a slow, immersive journey … sound good? Skye is almost 50 miles (80 kms) long and 25 miles (40kms) wide. Many of the roads are single track and used by sheep as much as by motor vehicles. Be realistic when making your plans, get it right and you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam. Avoid the “bucket list” locations that you have already heard about – we will tell you better and even more stunning places to visit. Many short stays on Skye end in frustration as guests realise just how much there is to do, see and experience. 

Try the Edinbane Inn ( ) , The Old Inn at Carbost ( ) or Seumas Bar at Sligachan ( – these are not just bars with food, they also host some of the best musicians on the island. 

You could also try something different on Raasay.

It is a well – known fact that many of those who went to Skye ALSO visited Raasay…. And the really great thing about Raasay is they have their very own, brand spanking new Distillery ( ), which arguably has the best view of Skye in the world! A visit to Raasay is not complete with out a pilgrimage to “Calum’s Road”. Calum was a crofter who lived in the north end of the island, the council refused to build a road to his house ….. so he did it himself. It took 10 years and the majority was done with a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. Raasay in a day?  you have to be joking we haven’t started to tell you about beech combing…. and our friends at Raasay House ( ) also won’t be happy if you don’t at least try the chocolate muffins or try at least one of their outdoor activities!