A perfect day on Skye – a walk up Ben Tianvaig followed by Christmas shopping

First the walk….

Ben Tianavaig, a wonderful gentle climb to the highest point of the peninsula just to the south of Portree. What a way to start “a perfect day on Skye”. From the summit there are stunning views of the island of Raasay and the east coast of Skye, north and south.  A four and a half mile hike taking around 2 – 3 hours…… enough time to work up an appetite.

Then …..hit the shops!

OK,  before the consumer therapy perhaps a bite to eat? We suggest a visit to the “Isle of Skye Baking Co.” https://isleofskyebakingco.co.uk , try one of their platters even a simple lunch bread and then pop upstairs to their gallery “Skyeworks” https://skyeworksgallery.wordpress.com for a great range of products made locally or within Scotland. 

How about some contemporary jewellery?  “Or” – @orshopskye .Maybe you fancy some some stunningly bright clothes that mix the technique of batix with celtic images ? – Skye Batiks- https://www.skyebatiks.com. For a great range of souvenirs, stocking fillers, cards and artwork  “Tippecanoe”http://www.tippecanoe.co.uk/portree.html in Wentworth St has a lot to offer. Looking for some outdoor gear? Try “Inside out” for a wide range of equipment and accessories.

Does Portree have all the shops? not at all, head northwest to Edinbane and Waternish and find the “Edinbane Pottery”  http://www.edinbane-pottery.co.uk  with their range of wood fired pots of both a traditional and contemporary design. Next stop the Waternish peninsula and the last operating tannery in Scotland “SkyeSkyns” https://www.skyeskyns.co.uk, whose wonderful selection of rugs, clothing and sheepskin accessories can tempt the most anti social “bah humbug” into shelling out on a couple of pressies!

And then…….. pause to think about it all……

No trip to Waternish would be complete without a visit to the “Stein Inn” http://www.stein-inn.co.uk ,  the oldest pub on Skye….. try and count the number of malt whiskies behind the bar…….. or just ask Donald the barman how many there are……. and if Donald doesn’t make your day a perfect one, then no-one will!