"On the Croft" in February '16

We are often asked what we get up to on the croft in Winter. Strangely we are often busier when the days are short, the weather “challenging” and not so many people around! Right now we have had to repair some storm damage which destroyed one side of our cattle pen. We will be bringing the cows down the road from our neighbours’ shortly for their 6 monthly “worming and fluke” treatment. The vet will also be visiting to check if Lucky and Annie are in calf.

Another wee project is a “ring drain”. With the winters getting wetter and wetter we are constantly trying to manage rainwater runoff from the croft. The area around Tigh Dubh and the Armadilla seemed to be constantly wet so we have called in our local digger driver – “Finlay” – to dig a trench and now we are filling it with slotted pipes and drainage chips, which should do the trick. When you see a land drain working there is a great feeling of satisfaction!

We like to try and use local stone around the croft and have had some success in the past with a great fire pit and barbecue area. Just now we are working on a series of stone walls around our own house with the help of some wonderful local craftsmen.

There’s always maintenance on the cottages as well…